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The "Arava Way" - a narrow, long road between Menucha junction in the north and the entrance to Eilat in the south with the Negev Mountains and the Eilat Mountains in the west and the Edom Mountains in the east.

The Arava region has many attractions and activities for travelers, groups and families, offering a rich and intriguing desert experience.

Arava Way visitors can enjoy a variety of short, long and even challenging hiking trails on the Israel Trail, in six daily walking segments from Mt. Ait at the Ketura junction to the Gulf of Eilat.

Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy cycling trails of varying difficulty, ranging from easy trails for all the family to singular trails adapted for experienced riders, specially constructed  built with lots of thought and respect for the desert. For those who prefer to explore the region in vehicles there are plenty of additional excursions available offering the opportunity to visit beautiful desert oases.

Nature reserves and attractions, workshops for body and soul, some of the world's most beautiful parks, spectacular sunrises and sunsets and starry skies, provide Arava visitors with the most beautiful backdrops nature has to offer.

The southern Arava region offers a variety of accommodation options, from camping, desert khans, fully equipped caravans, kibbutz guest rooms to luxurious suites located on isolated farms.

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