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Yotvata Park

Yotvata junction
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Yotvata Park tells the story of Kibbutz Yotvata and the unique experience of the Arava Desert in four different themed areas, an open-air playground, desert world, renewable energy games with technological exhibits, a kibbutz and dairy complex with a simulated farm and entertaining milking games.

History is revived with the help of innovative, cinematic technologies, exhibiting how a small dairy in the Arava has become one of Israel's largest and most significant factories. The Park's "Ride" complex allows visitors leave for an exciting ride through the desert plains on a simulated jeep tour with moving chairs. The third complex demonstrates the use of renewable energy (movement and light) via innovative activities. The fourth complex invites youngsters to milk a life size model cow, take funny photographs and a closer acquaintance with the Yotvata dairy farm.

The tours are conducted by experienced guides who entertain visitors with interesting information and stories of Yotvata.  

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