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Yahel for Families

12 ק"מ


A Road Story "Yahel for Families"

Trail Length               12 km

Difficulty                     Light - medium

Start and End             Kibbutz Yahel

Trail  Description

Crossing the Arava road via an underground passage and riding northward.

Turning east at Arandal Farm (formerly a military outpost and today a small settlement dealing in agritourism). The cycling route passes through open and undisturbed areas, facing the Edom Mountains. Continue riding across the agricultural fields of Kibbutz Yahel and heading west, back to the kibbutz.

The trail passes through the heritage sites

Operation Uvda. Three "painted" symbols, embedded on rocks, are visible on the foot of the west hillside of the road. On the left is the symbol of the Golani Brigade, at the center the IDF emblem and on the right, the Palmach emblem. The symbols were apparently drawn by units that participated in Operation Uvda or shortly after the operation ended.

In this operation, the Palmach Brigade and the Golani Brigade arrived at Umm Rashrash ( now known as Eilat) on the Gulf of Eilat .

Arandal View Point . An agritourism farm located north of Kibbutz Yahel. The farm was built on the remains of a Jordanian police station that later served as an IDF post. The remains of the milestone markers attest to the fact that the hill was a meeting point on  the "Spice Route" and some believe that Arandal is one of the road stations on the Israelites journey after the exodus from Egypt.

Near the hill is a Roman fortress, a similar fortress was discovered in the oasis at Yotvata.

The Israel-Jordan Border . The international border with Jordan, as determined and marked in the 1994 peace talks. The border in the Arava was first established by the British in 1922 between the emirate, previously known as Jordan, later becoming the  Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and part of the British Mandate in Israel. The border was set at the lowest point in the valley. With the armistice at the end of the War of Independence, the sides adopted the route of the border, but the agricultural areas that flowed eastwards were annexed to Israel. In the fields of Kibbutz Yahel, the border can be seen to face east and surrounds the agricultural areas.

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