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The Snail Trail and "Bulbus" Field

Kibbutz Yahel
6 ק"מ

The tour starts out at "Ma'ayan Bamidbar" lodging at Kibbutz Yahel, near the kibbutz cow pen.

At the entrance, there is a sign with a red snail riding a bicycle. Park here and commence cycling or hiking.

From here, you can climb to two observation points that reveal magnificent vistas of  the Negev Mountains and the Edom Mountains in Jordan. Continue south to the amazing buboes field found in one of Nahal Ya'alon's tributaries. Buboes is the ancient name for a potato. These natural buboes are a geological phenomenon of chalk concentrates containing organic matter (fish skeletons, for example) that have undergone a chemical process. A large part of the buboes can be found in the wadi and some still remain hanging on the mountain.

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