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Sassgon Valley

Timna Park
8.3 ק"מ

A Road Story  - "Sassgon Valley "

Trail Length                           8.3 km

Difficulty                                Easy, suitable for the whole family

Start and End                        Entrance to Timna Park

Trail Description

Cycle the road leading from the Elifaz junction towards Timna Park. Ride along the "Oil Road", turning westward, a visit to the open mine is recommended. Ride west toward "Nachal Mangen" north of the Great Dune. In front of you, lies Mount Mechrot.  Heading south you will reach the Israel National Trail, crossing the Sassgon Valley, crossing Nachal  Timna and riding towards Timna Park entrance.

The trail passes through the following sites

The Open Mine .  An open mine that used to mine copper ore along with additional mines in the area that operated until 1984. Mining in Timna was carried out in open mines such as this in underground mining tunnels. The mined material was transported by large trucks, about 3 km south of the open mine, where the chemical process was continued.

Sassgon Dune. A huge, steep sand dune located on the slope of a hill, north of Nahal Menagen. The source of sand is the erosion of layers of sandstone from which the dune is built. Local residents named the dune "Rambo Dune" following the shooting of the film "Rambo 3".

More in the area

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0.27 KM
Timna Singular
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E.D.T - Route 3: From Milchan Well to Nehushtan Lake in Timna Park
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Timna Park Camping
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One Day  - Three Parks
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Timna Park
0.68 KM
The Arches Site and the Egyptian Miner Cave
0.85 KM
The Cave of the Roman Soldier –"Canyon of Faces"
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"The Crevice" , "The Plates Field", "The Arches" observation point and "The Small Arch".
0.98 KM