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The Ecological Route

2.5 ק"מ

A Road Story "The Ecological Route"

Trail Length              2.5 km

Difficulty                    Very easy

Start and end            Kibbutz Lotan

Trail Description

Ride easily along the dirt road from the entrance to Kibbutz Lotan to "Eco-Fun", heading south towards the cow pens, ride parallel to the fence of the kibbutz and back to the entrance gate.

The trail passes through the following sites

Eco-Fun - a playground made of recycled waste with a colored plaster coating. All year round workshops are held for building in the kibbutz using ecological construction methods, creative workshops for children, playground and puppet corner, activities involving organic agriculture and more. In the "Eco-Life" area there is a Tea House where meals are served exclusively using  organic produce and goat yoghurt products from the local dairy.

The Israel-Jordan border - t The international border with Jordan, as determined and marked in the 1994 peace talks. The border in the Arava was first established by the British in 1922 between the emirate, previously known as Jordan, later becoming the  Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and part of the British Mandate in Israel. The border was set at the lowest point in the valley. With the armistice at the end of the War of Independence, the sides adopted the route of the border, but the agricultural areas that flowed eastwards were annexed to Israel. In the fields of Kibbutz Yahel, the border can be seen to face east and surrounds the agricultural areas.

More in the area

Lotan Desert Village
0.00 KM
Eco-Fun Lotan
0.10 KM
The Sand Dunes and "Tiger Temple"
1.00 KM
Agricultural Tours
3.26 KM
Kolot Ketura Coffee House
3.49 KM
Kibbutz ketura desert guest house
3.50 KM