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Agricultural Tours

If you are on your way to or travelling back from Eilat, break your journey with an overnight stay in the Arava.  Kibbutz Ketura offers a fascinating tour with unique exhibits at international standards!

"Methuselah", the only palm tree of its kind in the world! The tree was sprouted from an ancient 2000-year-old seed that was discovered in the archeological excavations at Masada. This is an authentic living organic relic from the time of the Temple!

Visit Israel's first solar photovoltaic field, the first in the world that is automatically cleaned by robots.

Visit the algae farm, classed as the world's most innovative and unique farms for growing seaweed, combining mari-culture farming in the heart of the desert!

Guided tours, exploring the date plantation.

An explanation about communal kibbutz life and values that have withstood test of time.

Taste local liqueurs in an air-conditioned lobby near the guest rooms.

The tour is an hour and a half long and conducted in a variety of languages, Hebrew, English, Russian, French and German. 

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