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Hai-Bar nature reserve

National Reserve located just 35 km north of Eilat!

We invite you to tour in your private car among the herds of Bible animals,  a true desert safari!

The Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority have set a goal of returning to the Negev and the Arava, animals that lived in its Biblical period, while determining the identification of "lost" species, bringing them to Israel and breeding them at the wild animal site in the Yotvata Nature Reserve.

This reserve stretches around  the salt flats of Yotvata in the heart of an arid desert, the presence of adequate groundwater in the salty environment, vegetation thrives with an abundance of acacia trees and desert shrubs alongside a variety of rare wild animals.

Hai-Bar offers visitors a guided tour (via a disc guide that can be purchased at the entrance,  in different languages) and an impressive meeting with wildlife in its natural habitat,  Rams, White Antelope, African and Asian Wild Ass, Ostriches and more.

Visitors stand amazed watching the animals that they have only ever read about or studied and have never had the opportunity to meet!

Bible verses such as "My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag" from the Songs of Solomon, " A wild ass used to the wilderness" (Jeremiah 2:24), " Who hath sent out the wild ass free?" (Job 39:5) and "Like ostriches in the desert" (Lamentations 4:3) are exemplified in this special tour.

Special Activities - A tour following a park ranger  during feeding time takes place every Saturday at 11:00.

More at Hai Bar  -An overnight camping ground equipped with an outdoor kitchen with cooking facilities, showers with hot water, toilets, tents, mattresses, refrigerators, freezer, electricity and firewood.

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