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Evrona Salt Flats

10 ק"מ

Evrona Salt Flats

Trail Length                           10 km

Difficulty                                Light to moderate

Start and End                         Be'er  Evrona

Trail Description

The trail begins at the entrance to Be'er Evrona from Highway 90 (the Arava Road). Riding east to Be'er Evrona. Continue riding south to the "Doum Palm" trees.  Continue riding south toward the evaporation ponds where you can watch migratory birds and flamingos. Turn west between the date plantations until you reach the old Arava road and return to the starting point.

The trail passes through the following sites

The Doum Palm trees. A cluster of rare and impressive Egyptian Doum Palm trees. The Evrona Salt Flats are the most northerly point in the world where this type of palm tree grows, they are common in Sudan and the tropical regions of Africa.

The Evaporation Ponds. The pools north of Eilat that are used to evaporate water and  produce salt from the Red Sea. The pools attract many migratory birds during the migration seasons. About one million birds pass through this area to "refuel" on their way from one continent to another. During spring they fly to nest in Europe and during autumn they return to the hot climate of Africa.

Flamingo . A relatively large bird known for its pink colour. The flamingo class the evaporation ponds as their home and there they find all their needs met. The flamingos are nourished by "sea monkeys", Eilat Artemia, rich in beta carotene, which causes the "coloring" of their wings to be red and pink.

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