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Elad Theater

Kibbutz Eilot
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Elad Theater was founded by Boaz Dan, born in Kibbutz Eilot, and Dana Itzhaki, in memory of Sergeant Major Elad Dan, Boaz's older brother, who died during the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

An ensemble of professional actors and theater directors, Alumni of the School of Dramatic Arts of Seminar Hakibbutzim who left their successful jobs in the repertoire theaters in Tel Aviv to establish a theater in Eilot Region & Eilat. This action, taken out of Zionism and patriotic belief that quality culture should be accessible to all parts of the country, was intensified with their search for a new theatrical language that can be found only in this remote region.

Leading the ensemble is Shay Pitowsky, a well-known director and playwright. Together with him, well known "Habima" and "Hacameri" actors who decided to move with their familyies to Eilot Region and establish Elad Theater. 

The young, southern theater has accumulated a rich prize winner repertoire of plays and participates in important competitions .

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