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Elifaz - A desert holiday experience

Kibbutz Elifaz is located at the entrance to Timna Valley, and offers guided tours displaying kibbutz agriculture. The prime location of the kibbutz is the perfect place to set off and explore a variety of fascinating tours and activities.

Desert Agriculture.   How to grow dates and pomelos in the desert, and how Dutch cows get along in the middle of the desert!.

Renewable Energy . Wind turbines, and solar fields and how to ecologically, purify water.

Dunes and Kites. Roll down sand dunes and fly kites at Samar Sand Dunes.

Guided Tours in the Area . The region offers plenty of tour routes led by professional guides and instructors to Timna Park, Shchoret Canyon, Amram Pillars and other intriguing routes.


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Elifaz - A desert holiday experience
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