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Neot Semadar Art Center

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If you are travelling independently or as a group, a stop to visit the  Art Center and organic winery at Neot Smadar is highly recommended.

The House of Arts is a large and impressive building designed built by the Neot Smadar residents, with reference to aesthetic, climatic and ecological aspects. A desert construction including a passive cooling tower,  shaded gardens and especially thick walls that are used as heat and cold insulation.

The local artists create in their workshops a variety of products and works that you can see in the gallery / gift shop. The Neot Smadar winery produces organic wines with unique flavours from grapes grown here, in the desert.

The independent walking route will lead you to the Arts House through a path shaded with vines and roses. The tour includes a short film about the community, the construction process and more, amazing desert views from the upper terrace, a visit to the gallery, and organic wine tasting at the winery.

Opening hours are   -  Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 3pm, Fridays and Holiday evenings - 10am to 1pm

Booking and payment in advance -  054-9798957.

Guided  Tours are available for groups at flexible hours.  The trips are an hour and a half long and are accompanied by a local experienced guide.  


Wish to visit Neot Semadar? Join a day tour from Eilat! A full day trip, hiking the Red Canyon and visiting Neot semadar via desert landscapes. - Day tour from eilat

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