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Arandal Ranch

Arandal ranch
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An agricultural community located on an isolated hill approximately 5 km north of Kibbutz Yahel,  overlooking the Edom Mountains in the east and the spectacular  Arava landscapes. The farm was established on the remains of an army outpost and cultivates date plantations and organic olive groves for the production of olive oil. A tour of the farm reveals a fascinating story that began approximately 3000 years ago when the Israelites wandered in the desert on their way to the Promised Land, through to the Nabateans, the merchants of frankincense and myrrh, who set up guards to protect the camel convoys. The hill served as a police station during Turkish and British rule, until the establishment of the State of Israel. The barbed wire fences, communication trenches and bunkers reveal stories of what happened here over the years. 

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