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The Fields of Yotvata

Yotvata junction
9 ק"מ

A Road Story - "The Fields of Yotvata"

Trail Length               9 km

Difficulty                    Easy for the whole family

Start and End             Yotvata Inn parking lot

Trail Description

Easy cycling trail, north along the old Arava road until Nahal Shaharut. Turning east on an agricultural road in the fields of Kibbutz Grofit until the first turn south. Ride  along the trail that passes the dates packing house, through to Yae'elim parking lot. Turn east through the fields of Yotvata, a visit to the Research & Development farm is recommended) to the Jordan border fence and back to Yotvata Inn.

The trail passes through the following sites

Arava Date Plantations. These are the main agricultural crop in the southern Arava settlements. The growing of palms is especially suitable for the region's arid climate and successfully overcomes the salinity of the groundwater.

Palm trees are gender divided between male trees that give pollen blossoms and female trees that give fruit. Date harvesting ranges from mid-August to mid-October.

The work in the date plantations continues throughout the year. After harvesting, the date trees are cut back and pruned, removing thorns from tree branches. In bloom, the blossom is collected from the male trees, from which pollen is produced and applied   to the female trees to produce fertilization. When the fruit develops, the fruit clusters are packed in sacks to protection.

The main species that grows in the Arava is the large, juicy Medjoul date, and the secondary variety is the Nur type, which is characterized by a small, light coloured fruit. Most of the fruit is exported, mainly to Europe.

Research and Development Farm . The Arava Agricultural Research and Development Experimental Station is conducting experiments to improve agricultural cultivation methods, develop and assimilate new crops, and cope with the unique climatic and brackish water conditions in the Arava and similar areas in the world.

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