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Keren Kolot Ketura Gallery

Located in the lobby of the Kibbutz Ketura Country Lodging, adjacent to the Center for Renewable Energy. Cafe Kolot serves as the Kibbutz Art gallery. The Gallery displays and sells the works of local artists. Jewelry: Jewelry by Barbara Pinsker, member of the Kibbutz, is made from silver, gemstones and crystals. Alongside these, Maya Evans displays her jewelry, delicate pieces made from gold and silver set with gemstones, and additional jewelry.

Photography: The spectacular photographs of Dan Evans adorn the walls of
the Gallery alongside Ruth Rubinstein’s artistic photography.

Painting: Marla Slott’s aquarelle paintings hang on the walls and present her vision of the desert.

Mood Lamps: Designed from different materials - stained glass, mosaic, flower arrangements and local materials.

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